Property CGI's

High quality property CGI’s created from architect’s 2D drawings. Visually engaging 3D imagery for property marketing. Blue Cube Studios provide a professional and friendly service, backed-up by the latest technology and architecturally trained staff.

3D Flythrough's

Virtual tours and 3D Flythrough animations to showcase your development. Blue Cube Studios provide 3D animations that look every bit as good as their still images, delivered in stunning HD, in any format required.

Brochure Design

With over 25 year’s experience in the property sector, and 17 year’s specifically working in the property marketing arena, Blue Cube Studios proudly combine architectural experience with professional creative design to provide highly desirable brochure design services.

Interior CGI's

In-house interior designers and an eye for detail make our Interior CGI’s look as realsitic as a photograph. Blue Cube Studios produce high-end visuals for luxury property interiors.

Exterior CGI's

Interior CGI's

3D Flythrough's

3D Flythrough's

Animations As sharp as high res images

Being different from you crowd is what we’re about… our workflow is no exception. Everything we do, is completely modelled in 3D, nothing is added in post-production.

This means that our 3D flythrough animations look every bit as real, and high quality, as our still images.

Why ?

Property CGI's and 3D Flythrough Animations

High quality property cgi’s and animations should play a major role in your marketing plans, when it comes to selling properties. These graphics help in providing prospective buyers a ‘feel’ of the property, which is especially useful for new builds or unfinished properties. Instead of imagining the structure based on 2D drawings, prospective buyers can see and visualise what the finished property will look like in 3D format, thereby giving you a huge marketing advantage.

In the present world where customers are highly demanding and want the best service, using property visualisation tools can be a major advantage to your business, and that’s where Blue Cube Studios can help…


Why should you use Property CGI's?

Property cgi’s help your buyers to visualise the exact layout of a new build or refurbished property, including both the interior and exterior. At Blue Cube Studios, we go a step beyond and offer 3D rendering for a near-perfect property viewing experience.

For people who do not understand technical drawings or have no time to spend looking over all the small details on paper, exterior property cgi’s are a great option to perfectly grasp the appearance and features of a property. Not only that, but by being able to fully control each image, such as the time of day or the angle that the sun hits the building, a property cgi offers a range of benefits over a standard photograph.

Property cgi’s are not just used by developers; they are used by a wide variety of marketing agents in a range of different housing markets. If you plan to sell or let a property, you can help prospective buyers have a clear picture by offering them a cgi image of your property. If you are a builder or a marketing agent, property CGI’s can help your business soar to great heights. By investing a little money on exterior property cgi’s from Blue Cube Studios, you can increase your profitability by several notches.

Why choose Blue Cube Studios?

We offer the best property CGI’s and 3D walkthroughs at affordable prices. Here are just some of the reasons why you should choose Blue Cube Studios when looking to market your properties:

  • One stop destination for property marketing and media content.
  • Creation of stunning 3D images and animations from 2D architect’s drawings.
  • Photorealistic and high-resolution imagery.
  • Punctual and highly reliable service, with excellent customer support.
  • Quick turnaround times.
  • We work with developers of all sizes, with a variety of budgets.

As well as the above benefits, when you choose us, you can receive your finished images and videos in a wide range of formats. Our clients have asked us to upload their images and animations into websites or blogs, burn them to CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray. Whatever media you are looking to use, Blue Cube Studios will have a solution for your property marketing needs.

Specialists in Property Marketing and Architectural Visualisation

We are specialists in property CGI’s. With the use of the latest technology for 3D rendering, animation and photomontage, we give you the best property visuals.

The benefits of dealing with Blue Cube Studios include:

  • Technically accurate images.
  • Quick turnaround time.
  • Robust customer service and support.

All-In-One Property Marketing Solutions

When we started in 2002, our focus was to offer high-resolution property CGI’s and animations with photorealistic appeal at affordable prices. Over the past decade, we have stayed true to our goals and have been able to consistently satisfy our clients. Numerous large and small developers, as well as professional architects, have used our services and our happy client list continues to grow, year on year.

Our focus now is to evolve into a provider of end-to-end property marketing solutions. Our ancillary property marketing services include: property brochures, exclusive websites or microsites, interactive touch screen sales systems, Rightmove listings and much more…

Our Work

Our work, and the services we provide to the architectural and construction industry, can currently be categorised into the following… please click on an item that interests you for more information about our services

Our Clients

We love to work with developers and architects of all sizes. Here are some of our more well-known clients, with whom we have worked directly or via an agency…

Interactive Applications & VR

Interactive content for marketing and presentations.

If you’re looking to take your marketing presentations or processes to the next level, then harnessing the new VR and real-time technologies is definately the best way forward.

We’re constantly coming up with new ways to use VR and interactive content for property marketing and we’re condfident this is where the future of property marketing is heading.

From Our Clients

The quality of our imagery, and the professional service we offer is what gives us pride in our work. We strive for realism and accuracy, whilst maintaining an artistic eye on the final delverables.

Blue Cube Studios produce consistently high quality CGI’s and Animations. They are very experienced in the field of Property CGI’s and Animations and will always work well with us to get the best results possible. They are flexible and accommodating, and have contributed to our business successes many times over the years.

Jamie Woodrow

Associate Director, Countryside Properties

The service we receive from Blue Cube Studios is friendly, professional and, given a deadline, they are able to deliver! The Property CGI’s and 3D Floor Plans produced for us by Blue Cube are so good they are often mistaken as photos and we receive many compliments on the artwork they provide..”

Jane Jones

New Homes Manager, Landex Ltd

We would highly recommend Blue Cube Studios for high quality property CGI’s or photomontage CGI’s. They produce excellent results and offer a timely and professional service, working collaboratively with the design team. Having experienced architectural members of staff enables them to achieve very high standards of accuracy, not to mention realism.”

David Rose

Partner, ADP Architects & Town Planners

Blue Cube Studios provide an excellent professional and friendly service.  With their architectural backgrounds they understand both buildings and technical drawings.  They produce extremely high quality CGI’s and animations within tight deadlines.  Their expertise make them easy to work with to produce accurate and realistic visualisations and we have used a number of these in our own marketing material.

Trudi Quirk

Associate, Robert Hutson Architects

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