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Property CGI – The Ultimate Tool for Property Marketing

Property marketing is about selling a dream. After all, it’s the largest purchase most people will ever make. With property CGI, prospective purchasers can enjoy the unique visual experience of new-build properties still under construction; as a marketing tool, CGI provides a clear route to improved sales turnarounds for property developers.

What is Property CGI?

It’s hard to convince someone to buy anything that doesn’t exist yet, especially a home. It’s even harder if all a potential homebuyer can see is floor plans and 2D outlines. Using property CGI as a tool for property marketing works because it fully brings the architecture to life, allowing prospective buyers to better imagine their life within that home or their business within a modern industrial park.

With architectural CGI, Blue Cube Studios can produce 3D images of properties before the foundations have even been laid. This can also be pivotal in acquiring planning consent from local authorities who react positively when shown the reality of a new development and how it works within existing infrastructure. The CGI renderings can then be used throughout all marketing efforts, including websites and printed promotions, such as brochures, salesroom imagery, and press releases. And this means you can market your property development effectively and professionally to potential buyers as soon as you launch a new property site.

There are several ways that Blue Cube Studios works with property developers looking for CGI to bring their designs to life.

Exterior Property CGI

CGI renders of exteriors remain one of the most effective marketing methods to sell any property off-plan. Property development remains a competitive field, which means that creativity and innovation is needed when it comes to a winning marketing strategy for property selling. The exterior of a building is always the first impression. Exterior property CGI, which provides a photorealistic image of a property – or properties, is the best way to make that first impression. High-clarity 3D CGI images are created from 2D architectural drawings and designs that showcase the exterior of the property to interested buyers.

With extraordinary detail, these realistic renderings are precise, considering not only the building design but the soft landscaping and surface finishes also. In doing so, the surrounding infrastructure design can be added to further present the finished vision throughout marketing materials. Other elements, such as vehicles and people can be added, or a daylight and dusk version can be created. Such attention to detail creates accurate, vivid exterior CGI renderings, which when used in property marketing act as an important stepping stone before the build is completed.

Interior Property CGI

Of course, it’s not just the outside of a property prospective purchasers want to see – it’s inside where we spend most of our time. Instead of empty rooms, interior 3D renderings offer a chance to dress the space. Led by an interior designer, the CGIs combine furniture and interior decoration and styling to create striking imagery that helps property viewers to visualise how the space will eventually come together.

This is vital to all property marketing campaigns. When you are selling off-site, there is not a physical building to offer for viewings. The best way to allow the details of your property to shine through is through interior CGI that stages the unique features of your development. This means that beyond making furniture choices that we think best show off the space, we can also render kitchens and bathrooms with the fixtures and fittings your development will be using.

In much the same way as exterior CGI is created, interior CGI uses files from your architect to build the home from the inside out. Focusing on finer details is never a problem; from finishing touches to the way the light moves through the space, to the actual views from your windows, the aim is to create a home that looks ready to be lived in.

Photomontage CGI

It’s just as important for off-site property marketing to be able to Photomontage CGI merges a photograph with a computer-generated image. The major benefit of photomontage is that it blends CGI into reality, rather than fully creating the proposed site in 100% CGI. A 3D model of the development is used as an overlay of carefully captured photographs of the site, using pre-agreed upon angles. This can further be rendered to ensure elements such as scene lighting and landmarks are visible and accurate.

Within property marketing, this creates a scene that shows a new building, or buildings, in the context of the existing environment and surroundings, which can be used throughout every stage of development. Combining photo-realistic 3D CGI modelling with real-life photography creates seamless montages that can help planning officers visualise the development and any impact it may have on the surroundings, which is especially useful for contentious applications. These images are also of help to potential buyers, as they can visualise answers to questions that they may have, such

as development layout.

Combine property CGI’s to complete your marketing materials

Of course, the best way to utilise property CGI is to combine the many available options for property marketing image and animation types to create a full suite of beautiful, precise imagery that can be used at various stages of the development for a cohesive, successful marketing campaign. Other options include watercolours created from CGIs, which are great during early stages when you don’t want planners to feel designs are too final, and more interactive elements such as 3D flythroughs, highly realistic high-quality animations that have a range of uses from investment and planning presentations to sales marketing for your property site such as virtual tours and social media content.

3D CGI imagery is an essential way to display an entire build project in astonishing detail - right through construction stages to completion. Doing so allows buyers to experience everything about the project, revolutionising property marketing for forward thinking developers and architects.

Are you working on a site development in need of property CGI? Contact us to talk about how we can use property CGI in your next marketing campaign.


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