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Visually enhance your floor plans

✓ Showing scale and available space

✓ Visually improving marketing material
✓ Helping prospective buyers to understand the property layout

3D Floor Plans are an enhanced, more attractive alternative to 2D sales floorplans.


The computer generated images show an entire floor plan in 3D allowing prospective buyers to better understand the interior layout, specification and finishes. Choose either angled views to showcase specific areas, or a top-down view looking directly down onto the property layout.

"Not only are 3D Floor Plans more visually eye-catching than 2D flat sales plans, they’re also easier to read and understand. They show scale and give a much better impression of the available space, as well as giving an immediate overview of the layout of a property."

Using 3D Floor Plans takes away the guesswork of how an interior layout looks and works, which is great for enticing prospective buyers. They’re perfect for helping visualise what an interior looks like with furniture and fittings within the space.

The service we receive from Blue Cube Studios is friendly, professional and, given a deadline, they are able to deliver! The Property CGIs and 3D Floor Plans produced for us by Blue Cube are so good they are often mistaken as photos and we receive many compliments on the artwork they provide.

Jane Jones - Landex Ltd 


Approach & Process

To create 3D Floor Plans, the process is:


1: Use the architect’s CAD drawings to create the basis of the 3D Floor Plan.

2: Using specification, manufacturer’s information, or reference photography we add the kitchen and bathrooms.

3: Interior specifications are added to the plan to illustrate floor finishes, along with furniture and a few props to give the sense of scale and lifestyle.

4: A render of the plan at an angle, or top-down, is sent to you for review.

5: Following any technical or marketing comments, we amend the render and re-supply for a final review.

6: The final version is rendered at ultra high resolution to truly appreciate the level of detail included.

Bring your floor plans to life

Create clear and engaging visuals of room layouts

  • What information is needed to obtain a quote for production of an Exterior Property CGI?
    Usually a site plan and some indicative elevations will be enough to quote from. Then just a description or a list of the exterior property CGIs or images you need.
  • What information is needed to carry out the production of an Exterior Property CGI?
    We need the site plan, floor plans, and elevations for each building you would like us to render. These drawings should be in CAD format (preferably DWG format). We also need the materials schedule and landscaping drawing, which can be CAD or PDF format as these are just for reference.
  • Do you charge extra to work from hand-drawn drawings or sketches, rather than CAD files?"
    Yes, we usually charge an additional 25% to cover the additional time it takes when working from hand-drawn information, rather than CAD drawings.
  • How many sets of amends can we make to the Exterior Property CGI?
    Our costs usually include two sets of amends. We allow for two rounds of comments or feedback sessions during a usual project. It’s worth noting that ‘design changes’ are not usually included in these costs. If design changes are made to any part of the project that we’ve already worked on, then we will add the cost of making those changes to the final invoice. We will let you know in advance of these charges, if they occur.
  • What is the difference between amends/comments, and chargeable ‘design changes’?"
    An example of amends/comments would be something we have interpreted differently than you intended, for example; changing the tone of the brickwork. Design changes are where the drawings/designs of the building have changed after we have carried out the work. For example; we have modelled a building, but then we are sent a new/revised drawing that shows a different window arrangement.
  • How long does it take to produce an Exterior Property CGI?
    A single house type CGI would take around 2 days, a batch of 10 house type CGIs would take 10-15 days. A streetscene CGI would take around 3-4 days.
  • Can we change the viewing angle for an Exterior Property CGI once it has been produced?
    Yes, we change the camera angle very quickly and have a very responsive workflow. We model everything in the scene, rather than use photoshop to fake foliage and other realistic objects and effects. This means that changing the angle can be done retrospectively, without having to carry out hours of post-production all over again. This also means that we can provide 3D Animations at a later stage.
  • Can you work from partially designed or conceptual information?
    Yes, we can work from hand-drawn architect’s plans or conceptual sketches. We are architecturally trained and have over 25 years experience in architecture. This helps us fill in the gaps and help visualise our client’s vision. Our process and costs for this are a little different so please contact us for further information.
  • Can we request further views/images further down the line into a project?
    Yes we are able to provide additional images/angles after we have completed the initial project. Thanks to our unique way of working, we are able to supply supplementary imagery, or even 3D Animation content, at very short notice.
  • Is there a saving if we instruct multiple Exterior Property CGIs from the same project?
    Absolutely! We have a very efficient way of producing our Property CGIs, and one of the main advantages of the way we work, is the ability to provide multiple images and content from a project. This means that our clients get even more value. This is especially true of our tailored CGI bundles, click here for more information.
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