Stunning photo-realistic imagery

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✓ Helping purchasers visualise the interior spaces

✓ Adding real value to marketing material
✓ Showcasing unique features and focal points

Showcase your property interior with stunning photo-realistic imagery. High quality Interior CGIs add another dimension to your marketing material.

Prospective purchasers always want to visualise what an internal space will look like. Interior Property CGIs allows you to have photo-realistic imagery of interior spaces from your development long before any construction has been completed. We work with our in-house Interior Designer, or your instructed one, to create highly realistic images of your interiors that best represent your development. Creating striking imagery and content that can be the keystone of your marketing campaign.

Blue Cube Studios is at the forefront of adopting the latest technology to create precise, realistic, and high-clarity property CGIs. Show the unique features of internal spaces, as well as communicate the internal flow of a commercial project. We can even use real-word photography of views from balconies or terraces to help showcase important selling points.

We have found that interior property CGIs have been beneficial for our clients by:

Adding real value to marketing materials

Helping buyers visualise how a space looks with furniture and interior decor

Enabling analysis of important aspects such as the relationship between rooms, entry and exit points, and room volume

Show off the features of your property with interior property CGIs, from kitchens and bathrooms to vaulted ceilings and views. Prospective purchasers can view glossy photographic images, which are especially useful for off-plan property sales. Interior CGIs can also be used for virtual staging to create product visualisations.

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Approach & Process

1: We check the information, clean and prepare the DWG files from your architect

2: We create 3D geometry for the internal spaces using CAD files as a base, structuring the layers in the model, grouping the interior elements together.

3: Any structural or fixed decorative surfaces are separated out, if necessary, for finer control.

4: We apply materials to the interior surfaces and finishes, matching colours given in the specification or interior designer’s notes.

5: Main pieces of furniture are added, either using the layout supplied, or making suggestions as to what works best for the space.

6: Viewing angles are composed for each image, getting the best angle and achieving the most out of each shot.

7: Lighting is added to sculpt and form the building to set the mood and overall scene.

8: Finishing touches, including small details and props, are added to make the space feel alive and ‘lived-in’, this really makes a difference when achieving maximum realism.

9: A draft image is rendered and sent for client review.

10: Technical and marketing comments are applied and a new draft supplied.

11: The final version is rendered at ultra high-resolution to truly appreciate the detail.

The service we receive from Blue Cube Studios is friendly, professional and, given a deadline, they are able to deliver! The Property CGIs and 3D Floor Plans produced for us by Blue Cube are so good they are often mistaken as photos and we receive many compliments on the artwork they provide.

Jane Jones - Landex Ltd 

Create your virtual show home using photo-realistic Interior CGIs

Let your prospective buyers get a feel for the interior spaces of your development.


Is there a minimum age

The minimum age for Paddleboarding is 8 years old

Are all the paddleboarding options currently available?

We are currently just running the £15 SUP hire sessions. If you are wanting to hire the Mega SUP please send us an email on or ring us on 01255821915

Is there an instructor with us on the water?

There will not be someone in the water with you, this is paddleboard hire. We will give you a small lesson on the land before you go in the water touching on safety and technique. Then we will send you on your way.

If I am struggling may I change to a kayak or share a board?

If you are struggling on the paddleboard then we can offer you a kayak if there is one available. If a small child is struggling then what we can do is offer them to share a board with an adult, this can not be booked online it is an option on the day only if they are finding it difficult.