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3D Flythrough tours

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✓ Virtual tours showcasing your properties

✓ Attention-grabbing marketing videos that truly stand out
✓ Engaging videos for social media campaigns

Using the latest 3D animation software and custom techniques, we create internal and external virtual 3D flythrough tours of properties. 3D flythrough animations showcase your properties and can include background music, voice overs or can even be incorporated into other video presentations. As video is a primary digital marketing tool, 3D animations are a perfect addition to any marketing strategy, for both social media and direct marketing applications.


Blue Cube Studios provides high definition, highly realistic 3D Flythrough animations that look every bit as good as still images with no loss in quality or detail.

Our clients have found

3D Flythrough and 3D animation beneficial for promoting their developments by:

Supporting remote property viewings

Creating photo realistic videos to give sales and marketing presentations the ultimate wow factor

Gaining credibility for projects to win investment or corporate buy-in

3D Flythrough video content allows you to show people around your development before it’s finished and adds life and interest to your sales and marketing campaigns.

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Approach & Process

1: We check the information, clean and prepare the DWG files from your architect.

2: Using CAD files as a base, we create the 3D geometry for the buildings, structuring the layers in the model and grouping building materials together.

3: We create 3D geometry for the external landscaping features from the site plan and add soft landscaping.

4: With the 3D model complete, we setup 3D animations and provide ‘live’ storyboards for client approval that illustrate the camera route, timing and composition.

5: Materials and hard surface finishes are applied to the model.

6: Lighting is added to sculpt and form the building to set the mood and overall scene.

7: We test render each section of the 3D animation, adding any other moving objects and check the timing.

8: A draft animation is rendered and sent for client review.

9: Technical and marketing comments are applied and a new draft supplied.

10: The final version is rendered at ultra high-resolution, including titles, voice-overs and background music to finish the video.

Blue Cube Studios produce consistently high quality CGIs and Animations. They are very experienced in the field of Property CGIs and Animations and will always work well with us to get the best results possible.They are flexible and accommodating, and have contributed to our business successes many times over the years.

Jamie Woodrow - Countryside Properties