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Interactive Virtual Reality and Real-Time Rendering

Get higher returns with Interactive VR

Allow prospective buyers to immerse themselves into every aspect of your property development.

Fully immerse your customers in an unforgettable real-time rendered virtual reality experience

Want to be able to show a customer around a property before it’s been built? Using interactive technology and virtual reality (VR) is the perfect solution.

There are two types of VR, with pros and cons for each.

Pre-rendered 'Static'

Pre-rendered static VR usually takes the form of a 360 tour, where all imagery is pre-rendered. This creates the impression of an interactive tour as you can usually look in any direction you wish, moving between a set of predefined locations and positions.


However, you cannot change the geometry, materials or lighting without switching to a new set of pre-rendered images.

Fully Real-Time Rendered 'Live'

Real-Time rendered VR utilises the latest real-time rendering technology that renders images in fractions of a second. This gives users total freedom to move through and interact with the environment.


Additionally, users can fully interact with anything within the environment, as the experience allows changes to geometry, materials and lighting. This creates an interactive marketing experience that brings properties to life with the most realistic feel possible. With fully customisable technology, you are only limited by your imagination.

Pre-Rendered VR

  • Ultra-sharp, crisp renders that exactly match CGIs

  • Fairly lightweight and suitable for web and mobile use

  • Cost-effective

  • Add to any website

  • Using multiple renders, it is possible to show alternative specification, materials and layout

Fully Real-Time Rendered 'Live'

  • Newest VR technology available, fast overtaking pre-rendered content

  • Full interaction with the environment, such as switching on lights, opening doors and using equipment/appliances

  • Change specification, materials, lighting and layout on the fly

  • Change time of day

  • Add home finding search filters

  • Add any functionality that you can think of

  • Full VR headset experience

  • Move around freely

  • View from any position, at any time as nothing is pre-rendered

  • Augmented reality

  • Viewable on PC or via headset

  • Full control of physical model lighting

  • Integration with CRM systems, such as COINS

  • Ability to add additional content such as imagery and animations on the fly

  • Opens the door to the Metaverse

Blue Cube Studios can advise on the most suitable option for marketing your property, as there are important differences between the two types of VR currently available.

Conventional 360 tours that use a limited number of pre-rendered images are very cost effective. However, investing in real-time rendering opens the door to fully interactive functionality as your prospective buyers move freely throughout the 3D environment, including the ability to change the time of day, swap materials, specifications, and configurations. By building a live experience, the avenue to sales is greater, as customers can explore their housing options, going as near to real life as possible before a build is complete.

If you’d like to know more about this groundbreaking technology for property marketing, get in touch. 

Interactive VR allows you to place people inside your development, adding a new dimension to property marketing.
VR Services
Our VR Services

With real-time technology being fully programmable and customisable, we can tailor any VR experience to your exact needs. Get in touch with us if you have a project to discuss.

Interactive Site Plans


The Gold Standard in property marketing sales tools. Complete with live sold status integration and a home finder with filtered search results. View a highly detailed and realistic model from any angle.

Exterior VR Tours
Fully interactive 'real-time' application (headset)


Take a tour around your finished site, remotely, and before any work has even started on site.

Augmented Reality
(tablet operated)


Add interactivity to marketing material or present a physical model in any space.

Interior VR Tours
Fully interactive 'real-time' application (headset)


Complete VR immersion, where you can free walk around a virtual show home, and interact with the property like never before.

Fully interactive and 'real-time'


Allow purchasers to specify their options and choices for all/any room. Great sales tool!

360 Virtual Tours
Interior and exterior (pre-rendered)


Conventional 360-degree tours, crafted to show your development at its absolute best. The quality of Blue Cube Studio's exterior rendering services, made portable and interactive.

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