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Horizon 120


Horizon 120 is a large commercial development covering 65 acres, offering high-tech, industrial, office and logistics space. We were asked to work on several aspects of CGI imagery for this project. The client needed an overview of the entirety of Phase 1, showing its location and the Essex countryside surrounding the development. We achieved this by utilising some aerial photography, and then dropping in the CGI elements to show the proposals as a photo-realistic montage.

This model has the capability to be updated as the design develops, so it is a constantly evolving master-image. We have set up our production pipeline to deal with this, by having the ability to swap out single buildings and surrounding infrastructure as needed. We also provided close-up CGI’s taken from eye-level for buildings that have been developed or ready for sale/lease. For us, it’s a short step to then provide a 3D Flyaround, giving a full 360 degree video of particular buildings, and providing awesome content for our client’s marketing campaign.


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