This is a recent 3D walkthrough created whilst producing a batch of 20 property cgi’s for local developer Biminster Homes. This luxury development is set in the essex countryside, amongst woodland, on the outskirts of Writtle, near Chelmsford.

When creating so many property cgi’s from one development, it’s best to model the entire site, rather than just what you’ll see in each view. That way you get full control over the angle of your images for each property. You also get more flexibility to change each view, never having to worry about whether each new camera will mean more modelling is required. Another advantage is that you get the correct backdrop to each property cgi, and you can accurately see which properties are adjacent to any given plot on the site.

We love building entire models like this, because you can quickly add an animation very easily. Here we created this short 3D Fly through by adding three cameras with a bit of animation and then rendered them using 240 CPU’s in our renderfarm. Having so many CPU’s enables us to render an animation that would usually take weeks, in just two days !