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VR and Interactive content made simple

Heard of the term ‘VR’ or ‘Real-Time’ ?

Dont know how to implement this exciting new medium into your property marketing campaigns?

Think it’s too expensive?? Confused about the technology that is required to view them?

We’re changing that with our 360 virtual tours. You can still achieve a great ‘VR’ experience, and it doesn’t have to be rendered in ‘REAL-TIME’.

‘VR’ is a real buzzword in architectural visualisation right now. The term ‘virtual reality’ is commonly thrown around these days, often without too much understanding of what it actually means. It’s actually a very general term, and part of the issue in understanding this term, is that it describes so many different technologies across so many different industries. Most people think of a VR headset when you mention this phrase, but in actual fact that is only one of the more recent platforms for viewing VR content.

The main distinguishing feature of VR is that the moving imagery is rendered in ‘real-time’, allowing the viewer to look around a scene at their own pace, and from whatever angle they want. This immersive type of experience is what makes you feel like you’re in some kind of ‘virtual reaility’

Real-time rendering is where the imagery displayed on screen is computed/generated almost instantly ‘on the fly’. The frames of the animation are being generated so quickly, in fact, that they appear to be being generated in ‘real-time’

It’s the real-time capabilities of a VR experience, which makes it possible for the viewer to look around a scene from whatever angle they want, and in their own time.

Real-time VR expeirences come at a cost, like any new technology; the software is very new and a lot of time is required to make a VR experience. Furthermore, the hardware specs required to run a VR experience are very high, and therefore expesive.

These experiences often dont have the same quality as a conventional ‘pre-rendered’ video because there is currently a trade off between quality of image, and the speed of refresh rates required for moving imagery in a real-time VR experience.

At Blue Cube Studios, whilst still making great strides in the area of real-time rendering, we’re still making innovative use of ‘pre-rendered’ imagery, which means the quality is as good as HD video, but we’re still able to offer some interactivity to our projects.

This is a hybrid, offering the flexibility of VR, and the quality of conventional pre-rendered imagery.

The even better news; if we’ve worked on your project already, we can create this within just 2 days ! Bringing interactive VR experiences well within almost any maketing budget.

We’ve been providing these for some years now, and they’re a great bridge, or stepping stone into the world of VR and interactive content.

Although they are not technically ‘real-time’, they are still interactive! The beauty of these, is that they have the same QUALITY of the rendered CGI’s, and they can be put ONLINE, because they’re fairly small file sizes, and remotely hosted – Win Win !

We are also starting to produce fully ‘real-time’ applications in-house, and will be launching a new VR experience very soon. This WILL be rendered in real-time, meaning we can add much more interactivity, such as material/specification options, fully immersive walkthroughs, wide range of platfroms, and total freedom to walkaround a project as if you were really there!

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