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Creating Property CGI’s

When you have a range of property CGI’s which are required of the same development, the best way to approach this is to create a single 3D model for the entire development.

Not only does it allow the creation of great Aerial CGI’s like this one, but it also provides a great deal more flexibility when it comes to setting up views and camera angles. Then, when the client comes back and requests further property CGI’s, these can be provided as a low cost and quick service. This is essential in the current economic climate. Where other studios might create a 3D model for each view individually and therefore only model the geometry visible in that particular shot, this is NOT very flexible and often causes problems when clients come back to them requesting different views. The approach at Blue Cube Studios is to model the entire development, including ALL landscaping such as planting and trees. Another advantage of this Single Model Approach is when changes are made to one area, they are reflected in all the other views.

All these property cgi’s were created from the same 3D model, which means ANY angle can be created, as well as the easy creation of 3D Walkthrough animations – all at a much lower cost !


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