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Care Home CGI and 3D Fly Around

The project brief for this property cgi was to create a photomontage, showing a proposed care home in Upminster. The purpose of the property cgi was to support a planning application, and more specifically, it was used to win the support of local residents. When creating our property cgi’s, we model the entire development; this meant that when the developer requested a second angle at the last minute, we already had the information and were able to produce a second angle very quickly and at a greatly reduced cost.

Having the two angles of this development, matched into real photography worked really well for this developer. They were able to take high quality printed copies of the proposed development to the local residents, which showed the low impact of the proposals upon their surroundings. This put a lot of the local resident’s minds at rest and our client ended up with 8 signed letters of support.

The great thing about the way we produce these property cgi’s is that we can quickly and easily create 3d fly around animations like the one below; because we have modeled everything right from the start… this video is HD so hit that Full Screen button!

If you would like to see further information about 3d fly around animations, click here


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