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Architectural CGI’s – Duddon Sands

Architectural CGI’s are very useful for conveying architect’s designs in a colourful and engaging way that even the layman can understand. The common problem with architectural drawings is they are drawn in an orthographic projection, which means they have no perspective or depth. This makes it very difficult to see a building’s form at a glance, particularly when the building has curved elements and steps in the footprint. Often, in planning applications and local committee meetings, layman are expected to view architectural drawings in 2D, and are then expected to understand them.

Here is an example of a 2D drawing:-

Blue Cube Studios can convert these 2D drawings into realistic 3D images. Producing a CGI for your property is a great solution to this problem. It allows people viewing the image, to immediately appreciate the design and form of your building. In addition to this, they have realistic lighting and materials which further help convey design intent and in many cases can avoid a lot of confusion arising from people misinterpreting a drawing or material reference.

Here are the property cgi’s from the North and South – these were produced using the architect’s 2D drawings shown above:-


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