Property CGI’s for Individual Projects

The perception with CGI’s and animations, is that they are reserved only for larger developments. With smaller, more ‘niche’ projects, the marketing material becomes even MORE important. With property CGI’s crafted using our wealth of experience and talented artists, you can instantly convey the unique features of your project using our 3D images. You’ll be able to realise the full value of your project much faster, using a property CGI from Blue Cube Studios. Even if you only have one plot to sell, we can provide a fast, affordable 3D image, which will help you take your project to market quickly.

How can we help?

Our service is fast and friendly, and we are geared up for producing one-off CGI’s, just as well as we are for larger projects. We love to work on smaller, unique projects, giving them the same dedication and attention to detail, as we would on larger projects. More importantly, we can do this quickly, using a wealth of streamlined workflows developed over the past 12 years, we can produce CGI’s that will fit within the budget of a small development – not only that, we can also produce animations to suit these too !

We simplify the process for you; just provide us with your CAD drawings for the project, and we’ll set to work straight away. We have the capacity, and flexibility to slot these individual projects into our schedule. Our faster 3D modelling techniques, and the fact that we all come from architectural backgrounds, means we can easily achieve great results quickly and affordably.

Good quality property CGI’s can be extremely beneficial for small property development projects. For one; since you can show the proposed property to clients, you are more likely to successfully close deals in the initial stages of construction. This greatly increases the likelihood that you can sell off-plan; an excellent benefit for small developers. Secondly; you save a lot of time, money and effort because you don’t have to take prospective buyers personally to the construction site. You can help buyers make decisions on their purchase by showing them a highly realistic 3D image of the property.

Worried About Costs?

Working with individual projects, we understand how tight budgets can be. It is vital that no time or money is wasted, and the return on your investments needs to be maximised.  Blue Cube Studios make CGI’s affordable in this sector of the market because we offer custom property packages to our clients, at the most competitive prices. No matter what you are looking to spend, we will have a solution that is right for your business, and your budget. We also believe in providing fixed costs, with no hidden extras further down the line, which provides piece of mind, when committing to a property CGI or 3D images.

Why Hire Blue Cube Studios for individual projects?

We pride ourselves on providing a good service, and we love working on projects large and small. There are many reasons why you should choose Blue Cube Studios for your property CGI’s. We understand the precise requirements of small developments, and offer services suitable to meet all their requirements:-

  • Affordable property CGI’s
  • Fest turnaround time
  • We can provide everything you need, to help your agent get your properties onto Rightmove and Zoopla, including professional floor plans & dimension tables
  • Specialists in new-build property marketing
  • We offer the best customer service
  • Qualified architectural staff, and a wealth of construction experience
  • We’ll make sure your project looks it’s absolute best

Here are some examples of individual projects we have worked on

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