Aura, Cambridge






Multiple Disciplines



£25,500 + VAT


Time Scale

3-4 months


Aura is an award winning development offering a new collection of stylish homes situated off of the well-established and highly sought after Long Road in Cambridge.


  • Interior CGIs
  • Exterior CGIs
  • 3D Floor Plans
  • 3D Site Plan
  • Fly Through Animations
  • Augmented Reality App (iOS & Android)
  • iPad App & Model Lighting System

Initially, the brief on this project was to provide a range of stills for the phase 1a, and then looking to future phases, add these in as and when they came online. This was achieved by creating a model of the entire development across all 3 phases in a low level of detail. This gave the entire team a general overview of the development.

As each phase was designed in detail, and came online, the relevant area of the site model was then replaced with a detailed version – keeping an up to date model of the entire development at all times, regardless of which design stage each phase was currently in.

As the brochure and marketing material were being progressed, interior CGI’s were required to showcase some of the interesting internal features of the various buildings within the development.

The interior CGI’s were challenging as the spaces were very large, meaning that the internal layout was vital to getting the feel of each room correct. Interior designer’s were brought on board at an early stage to assist with developing high quality imagery that matched the high-end market that our client was aiming for.

A collaborative approach was taken here, meaning the CGI’s were sent in draft format, to the client and the interior designers. This created a circular loop of feedback which continued as the CGI’s were being progressed, which meant that the client and interior designers had maximum input, leading to some very impressive CGI’s and effective sales imagery.

A touch screen system capable of lighting the architectural model in the sales centre was also supplied by Blue Cube Studios, and installed neatly into the sales centre.

This was all complimented by an augmented reality App using both Apple iOS and Android platforms. The augmented reality App was a companion to the sale brochure, meaning that you could view interative 3D content that appeared to ‘spring’ out of the brochure pages when you pointed you mobile device’s camera at specific pages of the marketing literature.

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