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Property CGI’s for Redrow Homes at South Cerney, Cotswolds

These property cgi’s were commissioned by Redrow Homes, and Blue Sky to help illustrate a design intent by Bath based architects KBA. As well as providing great looking sales literature and imagery, property CGI’s can also be used as a design tool; as was the case here.

Technical managers at Redrow and the architects needed to present their design intent to the MD in order to gain approval on the concept and design for the scheme. Since these attractive looking buildings are so modern in design, two-dimensional drawings simply don’t them any justice.

The architect supplied sketch-up files, which were used as a reference to create the 3d models in more detail. Although the sketchup files were able to show the designs in a three-dimensional plane, they still lacked the impact and realism that can be displayed in a fully rendered property CGI, not to mention the materials, textures and shading, which can all be added to create a high level of realism. These CGI’s were then produced by Blue Cube Studios, with input from the architects along the way. In total, 7 cgi’s were produced, which really show the scheme in all it’s glory, and with so much detail, anyone would be forgiven for thinking this was a totally finished construction project, let alone a project that is still in conceptual stages.

Below, are the Property CGI’s created for this project, and you can click here to view our portfolio of property cgi’s to see larger versions of these images and even more samples of property cgi’s produced by Blue Cube Studios:-


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