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Photomontage CGI – Hanover House

This is a recent photomontage, which shows a proposed building (not built yet) superimposed into a photo. This property cgi is for a project on Brentwood High Street in Essex, directly opposite The Sugar Hut, famous for it’s appearances in the The Only Way is Essex – a TV Series on ITV2.

Here is the finished photomontage:-

Blue Cube Studios use camera alignment techniques, which align the virtual camera in the 3d software, to the angle in the photograph. In order to help with camera alignment, it’s really useful to have at least 5 or 6 known points on the photo. In this case it wasn’t too much of a problem as the building is a refurb project so we can still see the original structure. A measured survey was used to give us several points on the existing facade, which we then used to align our virtual camera to the view in the photo.

Here is the original image:-

Once we have the camera lined up, we can the render the property CGI element and, using compositing software, we can add the CGI building into the photograph. We take great care during the CGI creation process to match the lighting conditions, time of day, reflections etc to those conditions in the existing photo. This means that when we insert the CGI into the photograph, we only have to tweak the colour and levels slightly to match the CGI into the existing image.

One final thing we did in this case was to add some noise and grain to the CGI. This is to match the noise and grain in the photograph. This helps further blend the CGI into the image.

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