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In-house Video Production and 3D Animation

Recently completed, this video production by Blue Cube Studios, was produced and edited entirely in-house. Being a specialist in property CGI, animations and virtual tours, Blue Cube Studios also supplied all the CGI and Animation content in this video.

One major benefit of having all your video production under one roof, is that the script is written, developed and edited in the same room as the animations are being created. This means that the visuals on screen can be uniquely timed and arranged to suit the brief perfectly – and vice versa.

This makes for a much more cohesive presentation, which is more informative. The usual pitfalls of “shoe-horning” all the 3D walkthrough animations into the video production at the last minute, were totally avoided here as Blue Cube Studios did everything in-house !

The above example shows how local information, professionally scripted voiceover, location filming and 3D Walkthrough Animations can all knit together to create an interesting and informative video production, in this case introducing potential property purchasers to the development, it’s key features, and the local facilities. To find out more about video production from Blue Cube Studios, please contact us.


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