Little did we realise when we launched Blue Cube Studios that we would quickly grow to become one of the top studios in the country. We are proud of our ability to produce high quality, photo-realistic CGIs and animations for architects, developers and marketing agencies. The skills of our talented team are second to none and we would like to introduce them to you.

Richard Hart – Director and founder of Blue Cube Studios

portraits-IMG_1883The main attraction for me to found Blue Cube Studios was the chance to combine my experience in the field of architecture, with the huge job satisfaction I get from creating property CGIs. Creating pleasing images, from a set of basic architectural plans and elevations is very enjoyable. I also love seeing the client’s reaction when their vision has been brought to life and really enjoy the R & D involved with this industry. You also feel accomplished when you discover new technology that improves our work and pushes us further to achieving photo-realistic imagery.

I studied GSCEs at Honywood Secondary School in Coggeshall, and then moved straight into employment as an apprentice at local architectural practice called Melville Dunbar Associates. This provided me with a four-year college course, studying Construction & the Built Environment on a day-release, whilst training as an architectural technician within the practice. The four years studying was split into ONC and HNC, and I qualified with Distinction in both. Studying, whilst actually working as an apprentice, gave me a very high level of experience at an early age. I have always felt very strongly that this is the best pathway to achieving qualifications in a specific profession.

Having my wife working at Blue Cube Studios, keeps me on my toes! As the business owner, I often need to bounce ideas off Sally, and find her perspective very useful as she can take a step back and approach challenges in a completely different way to me.

We have two children who keep us both busy when we are not working on the business. Sophia (7) is just like her mum and Louis (3) is just like me.

Being a small team, we talk a lot and there is not much they don’t know about me. Most of them know that I used to do ballroom dancing and won a competition as best male escort at the age of 10. I decided to stop shortly afterwards, as I was about to go to secondary school the next year! If I’d known how popular Strictly Come Dancing would become, then I may have stuck with it, and who knows!

My other interests include photography, badminton, and cycling. I’m also a qualified UAV pilot and thoroughly enjoy anything associated with using drones for photography or filming.

Lawrence Jaggs – Senior Architectural Visualiser

portraits-IMG_1875I was attracted to the job at Blue Cube in October 2005, because it not only provided me with the opportunity to work in an architectural environment, but also in a more creative and artistic way. Having always had a passion for drawing and art since a young age, I’d initially thought I would be an architect. However, after doing work experience at an architectural practice, I felt that I wanted to do a job where I could use my artistic skills more, so this job is perfect.

I like being involved and working on all aspects of creating CGIs and animations, from start to finish (which you don’t always have the opportunity to do in larger London based CGI teams). This ranges from creating the CAD models, adding and lighting/materials, post-production work, as well as many other aspects. It helps make my job interesting and varied and I enjoy the challenge of continually trying to improve the quality and realism of each image with the use of new software and techniques.

I studied at Anglia Ruskin University and achieved a degree in BSC (Hons) Multimedia Systems (2:1) before working here.

My weekends are spent with my wife, Carrie, daughter, Millie, (aged five) and son, Alfie (one). We love exploring new places and doing various activities, like swimming and visiting theme parks.

When I am not working or with my family, I enjoy supporting Tottenham Hotspur or watching comedies.

Steve Hart –  Architectural Visualiser

portraits-IMG_1876There is nothing like the feeling of satisfaction when each job is completed and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the images you’ve worked on up on hoardings at the entrances of new building sites etc. which all the public can see too. I also get a thrill from creating digital 3D models from architects’ 2D drawings of a new building because this is usually the first time anyone has seen what the building is actually going to look like in 3-dimensions.

The chance of working in 3D attracted me to working for Blue Cube Studios in October 2012, as I previously worked as an architectural technician, working on technical 2D drawings and building regulation submissions. Now I create everything in 3D form, producing an attractive 3D image or animation at the end of each job, which is far more rewarding.

Working with my brother, there is not much my colleagues don’t know about me; I play football for two local teams and enjoy skiing whenever I can, in my free time.

Greg Edwards Architectural Visualiser

portraits-IMG_1881I think for me the most enjoyable part of this line of work is the outcome. It’s satisfying to  start with nothing, work through a scheme and then end with a nice visual outcome. Also, when the client comes back with positive feedback it makes the work extra satisfying!

I studied my undergraduate degree at the University of Lincoln between 2009 and 2012. After that I worked for a year at Stem Architects, also in Lincoln, where I gained my Professional Practice in Management Degree. From 2013 to 2015 I studied my Diploma in Architecture at London Metropolitan University. Probably the hardest two years of my life…mostly due to the crippling costs of living in London and what seemed like endless commuting!

I’ve worked at Blue Cube for going on 8 months now! Time flies….

What attracted me about the job position was its relevance to my architectural background. It allows me to apply what I’ve learnt throughout my education and work experience but more importantly focus on the aesthetics of design and the visual outcome. Equally to this working with a small team of people appealed to me as it implied more responsibility and involvement than if working in a very large team.

My interests outside of work include Films, concept art, reading and sketching.

Sally Hart Admin & Accounts Manager

portraits-IMG_1886I have always been interested in art, design, and CAD (computer-aided-design), so working at Blue Cube Studios is well suited to me. It makes good use of the A-Levels I studied at the Colchester Institute and my BTEC national diploma in Art & Design. I like to get involved with everything going on in the office, even though I am the only female!

I have officially work for Blue Cube for just less than two years but being the owner’s wife, it’s really quite a few more years than that! Our children, Sophia, who is 7 and Louis who is 3, are the reason we work so hard. We
love spending our weekends and holidays together. When I am not working or spending time with my family, I enjoy horse riding and I love a good yoga/body balance class!