Interior CGIs

Highly realistic, and indistinguishable from a photograph, Interior CGI’s that are every bit a real, as they are attractive.


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3-4 days

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Interior Property CGI’s

Use stunning photo-realistic imagery to showcase your property from the inside. High quality Interior CGI’s to add another dimension to your marketing material. Perspective purchasers always want to visualise what the internal spaces will look like. Interior CGI’s can be used to show a kitchen, bathroom, or a particular feature such as a vaulted ceiling. Allowing purchasers to view glossy photographic images of the interior of your development will help them visualise living there.

What We Offer

Interior CGI’s from Blue Cube Studios are highly realistic, and very convincing. They add real value to any marketing material and purchasers really relate to them.

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The Interior CGI’s we offer have several benefits:

  • Photo-realistic imagery of any interior space in your building, long before any construction is completed
  • Analysing important aspects such as the relationship between rooms, entry and exit points, important views and room volume.
  • Visualising the arrangement of interiors and visualising how the space looks after the furniture or other interior elements are placed
  • Showcase unique features and focal points within your building
  • Giving purchasers a real feel of the spaces you’re selling, makes them more likely to buy

Using a range of high-end software, and our extensive expertise in the property sector, Interior CGI’s by Blue Cube Studios are so convincing, they can often be confused with a real photograph.

We have our own Interior Designer, which makes us family unique amongst our competitors. Having a professional Interior Design scheme for you Interior CGI’s brings an extra dimension to the realism of our images, making striking imagery and content which can be used as the keystone of your marketing campaign.

Interior CGI creation process

Keeping our process as simple for our clients as possible, the Interior CGI creation process can be summarised by 4 points:

  1. We start by creating a 3D model, from your 2D architect’s drawings, of the rooms in question. Then send you over a mock-up image, showing the available angles. This will also show the available light and often highlights some options for creative lighting.
  2. These mock-ups are then also sent to the Interior Designer – if you have one instructed (if not, then don’t worry, we can provide one). These will be used to design a colour scheme and furniture layout that emphasises the key selling-points and highlights of each interior shot.
  3. Once the angle and decor is chosen, we add materials, realistic lighting, furniture and fittings as directed by the client or interior designer. We then add finishing touches to create a fully coloured interior property CGI, which is then sent to the client for review.
  4. We encourage clients to give their comments and feedback at this stage, which is then incorporated into the image to create a second version of the CGI, ready for a second review.
  5. Finally, we make any last amendments as needed, and a final high resolution exterior property CGI is supplied.

For larger projects, we also offer a special service where up to 5 or more feedback loops are provided. This is especially useful for those projects that require heavy customisation.

All you have to do is give us your drawings and we do the rest, resulting in professional and precise CGI property images. Get in touch with us today to enjoy the enormous benefits of meticulous property CGI’s.