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Property CGI and 3D Walkthrough Animation News

Meet the Team

Little did we realise when we launched Blue Cube Studios that we would quickly grow to become one of the top studios in the country. We are proud of our ability to produce high quality, photo-realistic CGIs and animations for architects, developers and marketing...

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We are Hiring!

Due to the expansion of our workload we are looking to hire a new member of staff to join our team here at Blue Cube Studios, in Colchester, Essex. We are looking for a full-time Architectural Visualiser with experience of using 3dsmax. If you are interested in this...

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Creating Property CGI’s

When you have a range of property CGI’s which are required of the same development, the best way to approach this is to create a single 3D model for the entire development. Not only does it allow the creation of great Aerial CGI’s like this one, but it also provides a...

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