Property CGI’s for Architects

Blue Cube Studios specialise in architectural visualisation. Every member of our team used to work in an architectural practice. We understand the requirements of architects and can relate to the challenges that architectural practices face, whether it be gaining local authority approval, winning over local residents, or pitching for new business.

Our experience within the architectural visualisation industry means we posses a fundamental understanding of the political and sensitive aspects of the planning process. For high profile planning applications, we provide property CGI’s sympathetic to the concerns of the designers, planning officers, and indeed, local residents. We can show your buildings in their best light, optimising the features that are important, or hiding those that are problematic. We believe that architectural visualisation isn’t only about producing a CGI, it’s about conveying a design ethos, and demonstrating the positive influences of a proposed development.

Our highly intuitive workflow and flexibility allows for faster feedback for the comment and approval process. We will ensure that your proposals are shown exactly as you want them. As we are all architecturally trained, you will find it easy to convey your design intent to us. Furthermore, if you’re at a fairly conceptual stage, we’ll be able to help fill in the details, to make the images complete, without requesting lots of detailed drawings or information which simply hasn’t been produced yet.
Using our professional architectural photographer, or our licensed UAV (drone) operator, we can provide eye-level or aerial photography, and super-impose your proposals straight into the image, creating a realistic, accurate impression of your design. Our photographers are in-house, and they are the same people who will be producing the CGI element of the image. This means we have greater continuity, ensuring that we get the right angle, for your photomontage image. This is key to the success of our architectural visualisation services.

The visual quality of our architectural visualisations and property CGI’s is extremely high, which in turn, enhances the overall impression of your architectural practice. We value the amount of effort architects put into their designs. We also fully appreciate the client relationship that architects strive to maintain. Our images help to add a further level of professionalism to your business, and help improve the client perception of your practice.

Fast turnaround times are a necessity in this industry, as things can move very quickly. That’s why Blue Cube has spent years developing workflows, and a pipeline, tailored to working with architectural practices. This means we can be very responsive, and provide several design iterations, without slowing a project down. More importantly, this doesn’t have a detrimental impact on the quality of our work. We have dedicated render farm, consisting of 225 CPU’s meaning that we can render high resolution, noise-free images in a fraction of the time other studios or freelancers might take.

Architectural Visualisation for architects and designers

  • High quality imagery
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Attention to detail
  • Easier feedback/communication
  • Improved client perception
  • Enhanced planning application submissions
  • Technical staff with a wealth of architectural experience
  • Images that are sympathetic to your proposals and convey your vision accurately
  • In-house architectural photographer
  • In-house Aerial photography and filming

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