3D Animation

Animated video content, which is every bit as realistic as our still image property cgi’s. Perfect for YouTube or visual presentations


Average Cost

From £1500


Time Scale

2-3 weeks

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3D Flythroughs for property marketing using 3D Animation

How valuable would it be, to take a tour of a proposed property even before the development actually begins? With 3D walkthrough animation, you can do just that. Blue Cube Studios specialises in creating 3D walkthroughs of any property, be it residential, industrial or commercial. We also offer high quality 3D flythrough animations to give your prospective buyers a great view of the exteriors and an aerial overview of the development or property.

Our 3D walkthrough animations look just like a real photograph because we use the exact colours and create the real textures of the planned building materials to be used in the final structure. Essentially, we give you a fantastic marketing tool that enables you to impress your clients and buyers by showing your developments in their best light.

You can play the animations on large screens in your marketing suite, integrate them into your website, or upload the presentations to social media sites such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Feel free to browse our work below, 3D Flythrough examples:-

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3D Walkthrough and 3D Flythrough Creation Process

Step 1: We start by analysing your requirements and create an initial grey draft video by building 3D models and creating a storyboard animation. This gives you an idea of the viewing angles, flow, camera paths and duration of the animation.

Step 2: Next, we take on board the client comments regarding viewing angles, camera paths and timing. The storyboard is then set.

Step 3: We then present you with fully rendered still frames, taken from various points along the animation. These stills will incorporate the planned final colours and finishes and will give you an exact idea of what the final animation will look like. These stills are used to obtain feedback prior to rendering the animation

Step 4: Any comments and feedback are applied to the model, including comments on the overall appearance and general feel of the animation

Step 5: Once you are completely satisfied, we render the final animation. We offer both standard and high definition formats for all of our animations and we can target specific delivery formats and resolutions if we know these from the start of the project.

Why Use 3D Walkthrough Animation?

When it comes to selling a property where a physical walk around is not possible, like a new build, a 3D walkthrough animation gives your potential buyers a chance to experience what the interior of a property will actually look like, once finished. It is as if someone has filmed the property in reality, moving throughout the entire space gently, from room to room.

Whether you are selling one property, a range of properties in a development, a golf course, or a large villa development, there is no better way to show off the exterior or interior of your properties, than using 3D animation.

With 3D animation, you are in full control of every aspect of the video production. Because the usual laws of physics dont limit you, properties can be shown in their absolute best light. You can even choose the optimum time of day, lighting/weather conditions.

There is no better way to appreciate the surrounding landscape and infrastructure through the birds-eye views that 3D walkthrough animations and 3D flythrough animations provide.

Why Blue Cube Studios are the chosen supplier for many prestigious developers?

There are many reasons why our customers choose us to produce their 3D walkthrough and 3D flythrough animations, over our competitors. Here are just some of the reasons for choosing Blue Cube Studios:

  • High quality, accurate and meticulous images that are highly detailed.
  • Inclusion of secondary animated elements such as trees, cars, people and environmental elements to enhance the realism.
  • Animations are available in Blu-Ray, CD and DVD formats. They can be supplied at any resolution and in any format. These can be played on plasma or projected screens in your marketing suite, or can be posted direct to your customers.
  • Animations are fully compatible with your website and can be uploaded to sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.
  • iPhone and iPad app compatible.
  • Timely completion of all projects, with competitive rates.
  • We look at your entire brief holistically and instead of just ‘dragging a camera around a development’ we manage it as a fully edited and scripted professional video production.
  • Efficient, friendly, and professional customer service.
  • In-house video production and editing services;

At Blue Cube Studios, we own a video production facility complete with shooting, editing and postproduction amenities. We do not outsource or subcontract any part of the production process, so we have complete control over the quality of your animation videos. You can expect only the best from Blue Cube Studios.