3D Floor Plans

Impressive alternative to conventional illustrated floor plans. Eye-catching and informative 3D Floor Plans add colour and interest to any marketing material.


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3D Floor Plans

3D floor plans are a great way to show people the layout your property at a glance. Although more expensive to produce, they have many advatages over 2D floor plan illustrations. They’re created using the architect’s 2D floor plans and then projecting up the walls and window openings using 3D modelling and rendering software to give a sense of depth.

Fittings and furnture are added to the 3D Floor Plans which further adds to the sense of depth and engagement. When laid out in a sales & marketing brochure or property insert, 3D Floor Plans really stand out, and they make really-eye catching imagery. They give a much better idea of the building layout and the space available in each room, in addition to giving people a real sense of how the rooms flow from one to another. Owing to their effectiveness, a large number of marketing agencies, builders and property developers have begun to use 3D Floor Plans over the more traditional 2D floor plans, in their marketing material.

Blue Cube Studios offer a great service for the production of 3D Floor Plans, and over time have developed the optimimum viewing angle and level of detail, to ensure that they’re still easy to understand.

Here are some examples of 3D Floor Plans from a range of houses and apartments:

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What Exactly are 3D Floor Plans?

The most common method of showing a floor plan for a property involves using a 2D drawing of the layout, in black and white, which can look dull, and a lot of people cannot relate to them. Imagine looking at a home with its ceiling cut off. When you view this home from above, you get a bird’s eye view of the floor plan of the entire home. This is what 3D Floor Plans do best. They allow the potential buyer to see the entire layout in full colour and with furniture. Not only does this look more appealing, but also it helps to better show the space of a building and how each room relates to one another. The end result is a plan that is more realistic and engaging, which will increase your chances of selling the property at hand.

Hand Crafted 3D Rendering

Here at Blue Cube Studios, we stand apart from the crowd because we do not use automated computer generation software to produce our plans, such as Metropix. When images are generated automatically by computer software, the precision and “realism” takes a beating, as the results are extremely generic and often approximated. This is the reason why we specifically draw every floor plan from scratch. This ensures thorough precision in terms of spatial scales, colours, definition of rooms and all other aspects. Our intention is to show your property precisely as it is and in the best light.

Interactive 3D Floor Plans

Here at Blue Cube Studios, we also specialise in interactive 3D floor plans that enable viewers to view the image from an angle of their choice. Potential buyers can use these to rotate and zoom in to each plan, helping them to see areas that would normally be obscured from view. By adding interactivity, you can make your floor plans more interesting and enjoyable. We can even include hotspots that allow a user to click certain areas of the image to obtain more detailed information. This can be a simple pop-up menu, or it could open a complete 3D walkthrough of the entire space.

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With Blue Cube Studios, you can rest assured of quick turnaround times, high quality images and great customer support. Our reliable working practices and unique style ensures that all furniture styles and colours are carefully selected and only the right amount of furniture is included in each plan. This helps to show the proposed layout without looking too cluttered and confusing. To get started, all we need is the 2D CAD drawings that are normally supplied by the architect. From this, we can create a 3D model of the walls and floor and then cut doors and windows into these walls at the correct heights. If you have particular furniture that needs to be shown in the design, such as kitchen cabinets or a bathroom suite, then provide us details of these and we will accurately include these in the plan and to scale.